Web & Apps Development

As a top web development company in USA, QuartetAI delivers bespoke web application development services to help your business grow. We are a trusted full-stack web application development company in USA, delivering for completing custom web development projects on time.Top-class web developers in our team focus on ensuring the best user experience for our client's target audience. Explore our mobile app development and web development services that will help you grow your business, expand your digital presence and improve brand awareness.


Across all industries, the pace, scale and digitisation of business has yielded larger and more complex data sets than ever before. As a consequence, efforts to capture, analyse and extract insight from the data have become correspondingly sophisticated.In today’s hyper-connected world, data is increasing exponentially in volume and is getting more complex in nature. With a wealth of experience in analytics, and with its neutral stand toward IT infrastructure and tools, along with a strong global business intelligence solutions development and deployment capability.

Devops/ Splunk

DevOps – one of the key pillars of tech modernization which involves a cultural transformation with a blend of agility and stability. DevOps leverages people, processes, and technology to foster collaboration and innovation across the entire application development life cycle.DevOps enables automation of various recurring activities in development and operations management and ensures minimal human intervention. It involves collaboration via continuous integration and continuous deployment.


Organisations are always looking for a technology solution that uplifts excellence in business, which is independent to work on varied computer programming platforms and is cost effective. Java-based software or applications helps the organisation to realise these values.TatvaSoft, as a core Java application Development Company has enthusiastic team of Java professionals who are skilled in various Java technologies and frameworks such as J2SE, J2EE, J2ME and JavaFX, database (Oracle and MySQL) as well as experienced in delivering high-loaded enterprise solutions.

BI and Analytics Services

With rapidly changing technology, businesses have to not only adapt, but also master new advancements. Those who do are rewarded with exceptional growth opportunities, skyrocketing sales, and bigger clientele, while those who don’t ride the trend are seen to perish in the longer run.Just merely implementing new technology won’t fetch clients in the longer run, as the latest technology is bound to get old and get replaced by another. Also, competition is never going to halt anytime as competitiveness drives business and its pause brings heavy disruption through innovation.


An Enterprise Network is used by midsize to large organizations to connect their people, devices, and things to applications in the data center and cloud. As organizations grow, the network becomes more complex as additional technology is required for scale and security. Portions of the network are designed for a specific purposes (WANs, Branch/Campus, and Data Center/Hybrid Cloud) and require advanced solutions to achieve better network speed, visibility, and end-to-end security. Modern Enterprise Networks support today's campus and mobile workforce.

Enterprise Resource Planning

ERP software assists growth-minded organizations to improve efficiency, reduce costs, increase profits, and enhance their customer experience by having real-time visibility of all aspects of their operations.With ERP software, you can streamline your business processes, manage your resources better, and boost your overall bottom line. High Touch has the depth and skills to handle every level of accounting and operational software implementations from single users to worldwide organizations. We have the capacity to handpick an industry-specialized team.