Hybrid IT

The marvel of hybrid war has been debated since it entered into the security and armed lexicon. On the one hand, as states and non-state performers have employed both conventional and unequal methods to achieve their goals throughout history, some view hybrid warfare as the latest meaning for unequal or irregular methods used to counter a unoriginally greater enemy.This unit analyses the academic framework of hybrid replacement warfare. Given the fact that the wonder of hybrid conflict poses a large challenge to democratic states in the current era.

Cloud and IOT

Understanding the value of device data and turning it into business breaks by computation, analyzing and taking action based on this sensor data is becoming more and more central to give competitive business advantage. Epoxy’s is uniquely placed to help you to adopt IoT technologies with its hands on experience in IOT products design, Cloud applications development.IOT is going to help our towns become smarter. Few examples are Smart street lights: connected LED street lights to cut the energy and manage them to mechanically switch off or dim based on ambient light.


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